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What to expect on Day of Hope 2023

By Emma Herwehe

Ask anyone in IUDM what their favorite memory is, and the majority of the time, they’ll respond with something regarding Day of Hope. It’s the iconic, legendary day that memories are made of.

If it’s your first Day of Hope, welcome to it. If it’s your second, third, or fourth Day of Hope, welcome back.

On Thursday, Sep. 21, the seventh annual Day of Hope will commence. IUDM members will attempt to raise as much money as possible in 24 hours, all benefiting Riley Hospital for Children.

The day starts at Lake Monroe, where members will watch the sunrise and represent their committees. Committee morale is very high on Day of Hope. Even though committees will track their individual goals throughout the day, everyone in IUDM is working together towards one goal, and that’s what makes the day so special!

After the sunrise, members will head back to the IMU to get some unique merch and get to know this year’s “Hype Room.” The “Hype Room” is Alumni Hall, transformed with decorations, music, merch and more.

Throughout the day, there will be games and challenges for members to participate in. There will also be hours dedicated to different fundraising pushes.

The purpose of the Hype Room is to celebrate each other. Every donation, big or small, is a donation towards Riley and something to show for the hard work of each and every committee! Everyone should be so proud of the work they’ve done up to this point and the work they will do on Day of Hope.

The day will end at Sample Gates with the reveal of the day’s total amount raised. Last year, IUDM broke its Day of Hope record and raised $673,547.23 in 24 hours!

For inspiration and all things fundraising, click here!

What can we do this year? Happy DOH!

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