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There are 18 IUDM committees, organized among four focuses, that all play an integral part in our organization.

Students join committees in January and work year-round to make our year a success! 



Hospital Relations


Hospital Relations develops the cause connection between IUDM and Riley Hospital for Children by connecting our members with Riley families, doctors, and staff! We organize all educational events, such as Riley Week, Ride to Riley, and Doc Talks, and volunteer projects, like Ronald McDonald House meals, NICU baby showers, and the Riley Connect reading program!


Marketing is responsible for capturing the magic of IUDM through photography, videography, and graphic design!


Public Relations spreads the word about what IUDM is and handles all external communications. Oversees all four social media platforms, sends press releases to local, state, and national media outlets, manages the website, creates blog content, and develops campus relations.

Public Relations


Special Events

Special Events is responsible for planning and executing large fundraising and culture events outside of marathon! This includes our biggest event, a gala which takes place in the fall. Throughout the year we are working to get ready for these events, as well as the live and silent auctions which take place at the gala!





The Accounting Committee (aka the Money Team) counts and tracks all funds coming in throughout the year, as well as reports financial statistics to optimize IUDM’s revenue and expenses. We raise the BIG NUMBERS at all major events, such as Day of Hope, as well as the Marathon itself!

Corporate Relations


Corporate Relations plays a vital role in the outreach and procurement of corporate sponsors for all major IUDM events. Our committee is in charge of stewarding these sponsors by developing new benefits and appreciation packages as well as educating IUDM participants on how to obtain a corporate sponsor. In the spring semester the Corporate Relations committee also holds a case competition open to all IUDM participants.

The Fundraising Committee educates IUDM committee members and dancers by facilitating fundraising workshops and creating various donation templates. We also provide donation incentives through marathon care packages and fundraising challenge bracelets.



Merchandise & Apparel


The Merchandise and Apparel committee designs IUDM apparel and accessories as well as coordinates the communications for the apparel and accessories. This helps to spread the IUDM brand through campus, the state, and the rest of our country!



The Entertainment committee brings amazing energy to the marathon and events throughout the year with music, performances, games, and the rave.





The Hospitality Committee is a group of food-loving, highly motivated members who have a deep passion for working alongside the local community to help supply IU Dance Marathon’s participants with energy! We reach out to local businesses to facilitate lasting sponsorships and develop new relationships with business owners. We also organize multiple Dine-and-Donates throughout the year to help fundraise and spread awareness of the IUDM cause.

Logistics works throughout the year to make the marathon happen with the preparation and execution. We bring the marathon to life by transforming the Tennis Center into the home of IU Dance Marathon!





The Morale committee is made up of some of the rowdiest and most passionate people! We keep energy up at the Tennis Center by teaching a 12 minute Line Dance as well as playing stage games to keep dancers engaged during the marathon. Throughout the year, we steward dancers and interact with all committees to make sure that everyone is as excited about the marathon as we are!

Riley Development is the liaison between IUDM and our Riley buddies and their families. We educate outside committees about our Riley families and inspire them through the connections we build. Throughout the year, we interact and build relationships with Riley patients and their families to create lifelong IUDM memories!


Riley Development



The Alumni Relations committee focuses on building relationships with IUDM's amazing alumni! We make sure that our alumni feel connected back to the cause of IUDM no matter how far away they are. We work hand-in-hand with devoted alumnus and put on events such as alumni week, senior send-off, and other alumni specific activities.


Alumni Relations

Dancer Relations


The Dancer Relations committee manages the membership of campus organization teams as well as executive dancers. We focus on recruiting these organizations as well as engaging them by promoting specific IUDM events. At the marathon, we ensure that these organizations are enjoying their marathon experience.

Marathon Relations experiences marathon magic all year long while inspiring the next generation of Dance Marathon participants. We foster relationships between IUDM and our 18 high school dance marathons by supporting students and advisors through fundraising, recruitment, morale, event logistics, and other needs.


Marathon Relations



The Recruitment Committee does exactly what it sounds like, recruit! However, we also do much more than that. We reach out to multiple groups on campus as well as the new student orientation to spread the world about what dance marathon does. We also prioritize educating our new members as soon as they join our organization.



Stewardship thanks and educates everyone involved in IUDM. This includes participants in all levels of involvement as well as donors, sponsors, and alumni. Stewardship recognizes members for their dedication and hard work and shows appreciation to everyone that makes IUDM possible.

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