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What is IUDM?

IUDM stands for Indiana University Dance Marathon. It is a 36-hour marathon that takes place in the fall. All of the money that is raised goes to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. IU Dance Marathon was founded 34 years ago with the goal of providing hope for children of Riley Hospital by generating funds for the Ryan White Infectious Disease Center. In 2015, IUDM started funding to the Wells Center of Pediatric Research. To date IUDM has raised over $50 million for the kids. IUDM is one of the nation’s largest student-run philanthropies and is growing every year.

When is Dance Marathon?

IUDM 2024 will be held from November 15-17.


Where is Dance Marathon?

IUDM is held annually at the IU Tennis Center, located on the Northwest side of Campus near Assembly Hall and the Indoor Track.


How long is Dance Marathon?

IUDM is 36 hours for the full shift. It is also broken up into three 12 hour segments for those who are only able to dance for part of the time.

Is it true that all I am allowed to do for the whole marathon is dance?

While at the marathon, you are hardly limited when it comes to what you’re doing. Yes, there is a fair amount of dancing. However, the marathon is filled with other activities: basketball tournament, raves, meeting the Riley families, you name it. There is never a dull moment at the marathon, and if you’re afraid that you’re not the best dancer, don’t be. There are dancers of all skill levels at the marathon and by no means, is it all about dancing.

How much money do I need to fundraise in order to dance?

There is no minimum amount of money you need to raise in order to join us at the marathon! Committee members and participants are encouraged to meet their own personal fundraising goal, whatever that may be. 

How do I raise my money?

Throughout the year, there are many different fundraising opportunities offered by the IUDM as a pretty easy way to get a head start on your goal with your friends. Most people also send emails or make phone calls to friends and family, which is a great way to raise money! Tell them why you’re doing what you’re doing and what IUDM is all about, and most people are happy to contribute! You can register on donor drive at


Can anyone get involved or do you have to be part of Greek life/other student org? Will I get less out of it if I’m not part of a big organization?

Everyone is welcome! We would love to have as many dancers as possible, if you aren’t involved in any organizations, this could be the first organization you join. There are other dancers that aren’t a part of other organizations or Greek life. You will have the chance to meet so many other great people and make so many new friends.


What leadership opportunities are there in IUDM?

After each Dance Marathon, in December and January, people can apply to be on one of the committees for IUDM. Throughout the year, these committee members selflessly dedicate their time and efforts to making Dance Marathon as successful as possible. Those wanting to make an even larger leadership commitment may apply for IUDM Executive Council, which oversees all of the work that the committees do throughout the course of the year.


Where can I buy official IUDM apparel?

All official IUDM apparel can be purchased throughout the marathon at the apparel tent. Also, throughout the year at times, old IUDM apparel is available in the IUDM offices on the 5th floor of the Student Services Tower in the Indiana Memorial Union.


How many people participate in the marathon?

The 2024 marathon will hopefully be the largest ever. Last year we had nearly 1,400 committee members participate alongside over 2,500 dancers! Expect to see a lot of people and meet a lot of fellow dancers!



Please feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions!

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