Dancers are the heart and core of IUDM. They stand for 12, 24, or 36 hours at IUDM while participating in games, learning the line dance, listening to Riley family stories, and learning more about IUDM. Highlights of the dancer experience include the IUDM Rave, the Riley Kid Talent Show and the Basketball Tournament.
Dancing is a great way to get involved on campus and find your family!


If you are a freshman looking to get involved with IUDM, join the FYDE team! FYDE stands for First Year Dancer Experience. This team is composed of dancers who live in a residential hall on campus. They raise money and hold meetings together throughout the year to make it to the marathon in November.

FYDE gives you a community at IU and within IUDM. FYDE members make a huge impact on IUDM and on Riley Hospital, so we can't wait to work with you to improve children's health. In fact, last year FYDE raised over 150k all for the kids! 


To get involved with FYDE, please contact


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