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ALC Legacy Endowment

IUDM's goal is to maximize our donation to Riley Hospital for Children. To secure the future of IUDM now and for the future, the ALC Legacy Endowment was created in 2019. The endowment is named to honor Ashley Louise Crouse, a member of the 2005 IUDM Executive Council who tragically lost her life that same year. Ashley’s brother, Casey, also an IUDM alumni, was inspired to bring permanence to the legacy of his sister's work in IUDM and so conceptualized the ALC Legacy Endowment.


This endowment memorializes Ashley and the legacy of all IUDM alumni by generating funds to help offset the operational expenses of IUDM. Annually, IUDM spends approximately $300,000 to operate the largest student-run philanthropic organization on campus. Once the endowment goal is met, the ALC Legacy Endowment will generate annual payments equal to or greater than the annual operating costs for IUDM ensuring that each dollar raised goes directly to provide care and support for another child at Riley Hospital for Children.


When a gift is made to an endowed fund, like the ALC Legacy Endowment, only the earnings from the fund are used to support the work, thereby preserving the capital base to grow further each year. Our 10-year goal is to grow the capital base of the ALC Legacy Endowment to $6,000,000, thereby enabling the annual earnings to offset IUDM’s annual operating expenses. Fully funding the ALC Legacy Endowment will mean that 100% of donations collected by students will support the kids at Riley, a world-class hospital focused on cutting-edge research. Ranked in all 10 pediatric specialties by US News, Riley Hospital helps care for the sickest kids. Just like IU Dance Marathon, Riley is truly, an organization for The kids. And even better, a gift made for this endowment goes towards the total raised at the Marathon.

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