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In April of 2005, the IU campus suffered a tremendous loss. Ashley Louise Crouse,

member of the IU Dance Marathon Executive Council, became our angel on that day.

Ashley was the VP of Communications and was known for her dedication to the

organization and fighting for what she believed in, saving the lives of sick children.

For those who knew Ashley, they remember her by her passion for life, warm smile, and

welcoming personality.


“See... when I think about Ashley, I think more about a feeling, a feeling of friendship, acceptance, and inspiration.”

- IUDM 2005 Executive Council Member


“There is nothing ‘maybe’ about Ashley Crouse. She is full heart, full-time fighter for kids, hard working, deeply caring, all the way” - Professor David Rubinstein


“Ashley’s legacy will be one of the most powerful ways that this organization will continue to grow. When you choose to carry Ashley’s legacy on, I promise you, that she will make sure your life is full of happiness”

– Casey Crouse, Ashley’s brother and IUDM 2010 President


ALCs legacy has impacted this organization more than some can imagine: The organization more than doubled in size, participation and in funds raised in only 3 years after her passing. The initials ALC were placed on every single IU Dance Marathon item, and the quote, “’For every person you meet, imagine they are wearing a necklace that says ‘Do what you can to make me feel special’” is lived out daily. We honor Ashley’s legacy year-round in IU Dance Marathon; working to make every decision with the kids at Riley Hospital for Children at the heart of it, as Ashley would.

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