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What is the Spring Fundraising Challenge?

By: Sarah Pfeiffer

On your marks, get set, go! It’s time for our first big fundraising push as an organization!

IUDM 31 has hit the ground running in preparation for the event of the semester: The Spring Fundraising Challenge. With each member settled into the committee where they belong, the hustle and bustle of raising money for the kids has officially commenced.

But what is the Spring Fundraising Challenge, you might ask. Well, you’ve come to the right place to learn all the tips, tricks and trivia about the upcoming 9-week fundraising push.

Spring Fundraising Challenge is a 9-week competition between all 18 IUDM committees, sponsored by Solution Tree. Each week is centered around a different challenge and theme, keeping members excited and engaged while providing creative ways to obtain donations.

“SFC is a great way to get the ball rolling and teach new committee members about fundraising,” Vice President of Finance Paige Smith said.

This first big push as an organization is not only a great introduction to fundraising for the year, but also an incredible committee bonding experience.

“SFC is a perfect opportunity to not only get involved with your committee and bond with the members on it, but also it is a way to get hyped for the Dance Marathon,” returning Morale Committee member Tim McGowen said.

He recounted how the Morale Committee group chat becomes extremely competitive and hyped during challenges, spamming the chats with encouragement and methods of how to achieve their goals. He said SFC is the best way to kick off the year with your committees and set in motion a cascade of events that culminate in the end of the year with Dance Marathon. The energy and motivation goes through the roof and continues from there for the rest of the IUDM year!

Participants should tune into the IUDM Instagram livestream at 10 p.m. every Sunday to hear the winner from the past week, current cumulative standings and the challenge for the upcoming week. Each committee will be ranked based on their fundraising for the current week as well as their overall fundraising throughout the event.

SFC also encompasses Riley Week and Ryan and Ashley Week to return focus to the organization’s mission and purpose, while reminding members why we dance. This energetic and exciting fundraising push will provide members with a chance to start their fundraising engines to innovatively raise as much hope possible for the kids in an entertaining and inspiring atmosphere.

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Jonathan Walts
Jonathan Walts

Amazing, super excited for SFC this year. HeRoes on top! (comm <3 comm)

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