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Riley Week Recap

By: Emma Herwehe

“More than just a hospital. Health, Happiness, and Hope.” IUDM’s Hospital Relations committee took this theme and used it to educate and inspire committee members across the organization for Riley Week 2023.

Ella Konow, one of the Outreach chairs on HR, helped plan Riley Week. To her, Riley Week is very important because not everyone in IUDM knows where their donations go to and what they help to fund.

“(Riley Week is important) so everyone in IUDM can answer the question, ‘Where is our money going? What are we doing this for?’ and know a lot about the hospital,” Ella said.

Along with Stephen Solomon, the other Outreach chair, Ella did plenty of research and communicated with doctors and staff at the hospital in order to plan an educational, fun week for the organization.

On Monday, we learned about clinical care and research at Riley. IUDM helps fund cutting-edge developments at the hospital and 75% of all donations to IUDM benefit pediatric research. Committee members attended Doc Talk to hear from a Riley doctor on the work she does every day.

On Tuesday, we learned about the Child Life Program. Unique childcare specialists strive to create a fun and safe environment for children at the hospital to learn and grow. Committees also participated in our first-ever Trivia Night covering all things IU, IUDM, and Riley!

On Wednesday, we learned about the School Program. This program is composed of educational professionals that keep children up to date on their school curriculum while they stay at Riley. Committee meetings this night consisted of a Kahoot, a minute-to-win-it game, and lots of great stories and educational components!

On Thursday, we learned about Pet, Music, and Art therapy. These three types of therapy are offered to kids undergoing treatment to help them with companionship, stress, anxiety, self-esteem, and more. HR members participated in tabling on campus all day to help educate the IU community.

On Friday, we learned about Grief Counseling and Teen Leadership Council. Riley uses organizations like these to help their patients and children cope with loss and learn how to live with chronic illness and treatment.

Shoutout to HR for the fantastic events and educational opportunities. As you can see, our fundraising efforts go to a really incredible place! Riley Hospital for Children is so awesome!

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