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Riley Week Recap 2022

By Samantha England

We have just wrapped up one of the most impactful weeks of the year here at IUDM: Riley Week 2022! Over the past several days, committees have been learning more about how Riley Hospital for Children serves the community, as well as the tangible impact that our fundraising has.

Through social media posts during the week, we’ve learned more about the research, clinical care, and culture that Riley has cultivated since its opening in 1924. Riley is the only pediatric research facility in the state of Indiana, leading the charge in specialized pediatric care for residents of central Indiana and beyond. Riley is home to the Herman B. Wells Center for Pediatric Research, Children’s Clinical Research Center, and Children’s Health Services Research, all of which contribute vital data to physicians around the world. 75% of the fundraising done by IUDM goes directly to these research facilities.

But Riley’s care goes beyond research. The other 25% of our donations go towards clinical programming at the hospital, which provides hands-on care to kids in need of specialized treatment. Cardiology, blood disorders, pediatric cancer, pulmonary, and respiratory care are just a few of the areas Riley treats patients in. In these practices, Riley staff members make sure every child and their family feels as safe and comfortable as they can through a difficult time. Psychological and emotional support, as well as financial assistance, are always available to patients at the hospital.

Alongside everything we learned on IUDM’s social media, we had special events each day of the week to honor Riley and fundraise. On Tuesday, Hospital Relations set up a table in the IMU where students could learn more about Riley and write a card to their staff. On Wednesday, we had a dine-to-donate at Greek’s pizza, where a percentage of sales went towards IUDM fundraising. Finally, on Thursday, we had the chance to hear from Dr. Markham, the medical director of Riley’s Fetal Center and Neonatal Transport Team. Dr. Markham expanded on the different kinds of work that physicians do at Riley and gave us an even better insight into what IUDM accomplishes by financially supporting this work!

We are so glad to be back in person celebrating Riley Week and learning more about “the where behind our why”. With 235 jelly beans left until the Marathon, we’re moving forward with a renewed sense of purpose after this amazing Riley Week 2022!

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