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May Corporate Sponsor of the Month: Jeff Jones

Interview by Anna Gummere

Content by Samantha England

Introducing our May Corporate Sponsor of the month, Jeff Jones, owner of Solution Tree and Sarge Rentals!

The Beginnings of IUDM

Back in 1991, Jeff was the associate director of the IU Alumni Association, in charge of external programs at IU. He had spent seven years prior to this position working in higher education, at both IU and Dartmouth College. Then, one of Jeff’s colleagues mentioned Penn State’s THON, and how it might be a good idea to have a dance marathon at IU. At the time, Jeff was also a friend and mentor to IU student, Jill Stewart, a close friend of Ryan White’s. Through Jeff's generosity and his involvement with the IU Alumni Association, he helped Jill start IUDM in honor and memory of Ryan White.

Why corporate sponsorship?

Since Jeff helped start IUDM, he has continued his career in Bloomington through his businesses, Solution Tree and Sarge Rentals. He finds it important to donate to student organizations and give back to the community, and because of his history with IUDM, he found a corporate sponsorship to be a natural fit. Sarge Rentals, specifically, has also been able to gain exposure as a smaller business in nature. Above all, Jeff really cares about kids at Riley Hospital for Children, and recognizes “the importance of students being in leadership roles and gaining experience, especially within philanthropic organizations.”

The Impact of IUDM

Jeff shared with us that “the impact IUDM has made on my life is great because I’ve gotten to watch a number of successful leaders who have emerged out of IUDM since 1991. They have gone on to do amazing things and have big hearts for service and philanthropy.”

Final Words

To potential corporate sponsors, Jeff wants to emphasize the fact that giving back through service or finances is a responsibility everyone has, and the best piece of advice he has for a person who is just starting their IUDM journey is to listen, learn, and lead.

We would like to give a huge thanks to Jeff Jones and everyone at Solution Tree and Sarge Rentals who help make IU Dance Marathon possible! We appreciate you and your support so much.

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