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Alumni Spotlight: Molly Overbey

On the 30th anniversary of IUDM, we would like to honor some of the inspiring alumni who embodied the FTK spirit and paved the way for what IUDM is today.

Here is a message from Molly Overbey.


My name is Molly (Giles) Overbey and I graduated from IU in 2008. My roommate, Jill (Delaney) Beck, and I decided to dance our freshman year because a little angel, and a high school mentor, named Ashley Crouse encouraged us to do it. She said we would love it--and we did! Ashley left us later that school year and it was then that my fervor for Dance Marathon grew.

After dancing, I became Molly Morale for a year and then, as my voice came back, I interviewed for Exec. and was lucky to serve as Director of Promotions in 2006 and Director of Event Coordination in 2007.

I am not one to speak about personal impact, it makes me uncomfortable, but I would be remiss to not mention an experience from 2017. As I wrapped up my tenth year of participation with the Alumni Board (some of the time was unofficial), we were at the alumni brunch getting ready to award alumni that had made an impact on IUDM. I sat in that room full of DM alumni, knowing every single one of them, and planning on saying something special about another former IUDM'er as I handed her the award. I was interrupted by Chris Holland who said that I would receive the award that year. I was given a book of notes that alumni wrote thanking me for my impact with IUDM. It was in that moment that one of the IUDM sayings really came to life,

"Serving those who can never repay you and knowing you are the lucky one."

Dance Marathon has given me so much--my career, some of my best friends, perspective, inspiration and hope, to name a few. My life is better because of IU Dance Marathon and the family that I have because of it.

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