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Alumni Spotlight: Pat McPartlin

By: Gianna Oliveri

"IUDM didn't impact my college experience; I like to say it was my college experience," says IUDM alumni Pat McPartlin.

When asked how IUDM impacted his college experience, Pat says precisely this. His experience with IUDM changed his entire academic curriculum and led him to his current career as a "consultant to dance marathons" with Children's Miracle Network. 

Pat's journey with IUDM spanned all four years of college, culminating with his graduation in 2022. He started as a dancer, then transitioned to the Hospitality committee for two years. In his final year, he took on the role of VP Internal, a testament to his growth and commitment.

During one of his years in Hospitality, Pat served as the culture chair. He was tasked with creating incentives for reaching goals during push weeks and improving the camaraderie of his committee overall. He even waxed FTK into his leg one year as a push incentive. 

The practical skills Pat honed in time and task management during his IUDM journey continue to serve him daily. However, the most valuable lesson he learned was the ability to adapt and learn on the go. This skill proved crucial during his senior year when he helped restructure the marathon to fit the pandemic world.

However, Pat says the most significant lesson he learned was students' impact on something bigger than themselves. 

"Live your dash" is a beloved saying within the dance marathon community. It encourages you to live every day to the fullest. When asked how he lives his dash post-graduation, Pat says, "I've lived my dash since graduating by continuing to advocate for the need to fundraise for pediatric healthcare."

Pat also talks about "living his dash" by continuing to build and foster the relationships he has made through IUDM years after graduating. "You get involved with [IUDM] for various reasons, but ultimately, you stay because of the people you meet." 

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