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Alumni Spotlight: Jorie DePalma

On the 30th anniversary of IUDM, we would like to honor some of the inspiring alumni who embodied the FTK spirit and paved the way for what IUDM is today. Here is a message from Jorie DePalma.


What do you believe has been your greatest impact on IUDM?

I believe my greatest impact has been my ability to continue to empower the future generation of Dance Marathon junkies through my role as a High School Dance Marathon Advisor. I would never have imagined during my time with IUDM that dance marathons would still be a part of my daily life 20 years later—I’m very lucky to continue to watch young people catch the dance marathon bug! I know they are forever changed for the better! My kids have grown up around Riley dance marathons—it’s in their blood!

What is your favorite IUDM memory?

There are so many! I can still remember the night Shannon (Cross) Barron brought Sarah (Mowrey) Cranley and I our Exec Letters. The journey that our 2000 Executive Council took together is something I’ll always remember. Seeing the total reveal in 2000, that’s a moment I’ll never forget! Those are people I’ll feel

bonded to forever!

Why did you begin your journey with this organization?

I began as a dancer with my pledge class in 1998, then continued as a chairperson with Dancer Relations in 1999 and was honored to hold the Director of Riley Development position in 2000. I think it was my mention of “Cow Chip Bingo” as a new fundraising idea in my interview that sealed the deal. :)


Created with IUDM Alumni Relations

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