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Happy Spring FUNdraising Challenge!

By: Emma Herwehe

18 committees. 10 weeks. One challenge.

With the beginning of IUDM 33 comes the annual Spring FUNdraising Challenge, which inspires all committee members, new and old, to get started with their fundraising efforts while learning more about IUDM and each other!

Every week poses new challenges, announced each Sunday night through a livestream on the IUDM Instagram page. This week: register on DonorDrive, personalize your DonorDrive page (bonus point!), receive a donation of any amount, and follow all of the IUDM socials!

Committees earn points for their overall placement each week, and the committee with the most points at the end of the 10 weeks gets $3,000! It is really anyone’s game as each week, you have the opportunity to win your bracket! The Marathon Relations Committee has won the last 3 years, who is going to win this year?

An important priority of SFC is learning more about the IUDM organization as a whole. Each week, some historical and fun facts will be shared through socials and at committee meetings. There will also be special events and weeks during the span of the challenge, including our fun Tacky Nite, our annual Old Riley Bucket week in collaboration and competition with Purdue Dance Marathon, and very inspirational and informative Riley Week and Ryan and Ashley Week.

Through meeting so many awesome people, participating in fundraising pushes, and getting to know your committees, SFC is really what you make it. So let’s make it rock, as Hannah Montana would say.

Only 275 jelly beans left until IUDM 2023!!! See you on the livestream every Sunday at 10 p.m. Good luck and happy FUNdraising! 

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