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By Emma Herwehe

Do you remember the 21st night of September?

On Thursday, Sept. 21, IU Dance Marathon raised $603,511.23 in 24 hours.

But Day of Hope was so much more than the total held up at the end.

At Lake Monroe bright and early, members took photos, hugged, and even jumped in the lake as the sun came up. The day started by leaning on each other and experiencing a beautiful sunrise, a reminder that the day will still be beautiful and the sun will rise no matter the outcome.

Once members arrived at Alumni Hall, they bought the unique merch for DOH ‘23 and claimed their spot in the Hype Room. They were ready to get to work.

Throughout the day, the bell on the stage at the front rang constantly, each ring symbolizing $100 raised for the kids at Riley Hospital for Children.

Members participated in multiple stage games such as trivia and “Bet Your Director.”

They also danced for hours, especially during the Battle of the DJs.

People weren’t just seated in front of their computers all day watching their fundraising totals go up. Well, maybe the Fundraising Chairs were. But the Hype Room was a room of excitement and encouragement. Members made their rounds to different committees’ tables and stood on chairs to belt their hearts out to their favorite songs all day.

Each committee had large, colorful, visible fundraising trackers they were coloring in all day. When a committee colored in the last section of the tracker, it was typically met with tears from members of that committee. Tears of joy, of course. Seeing their hard work displayed for all, and going towards such a great cause, is definitely an emotional experience.

Members got to hear from multiple Riley kids and families, including stories from Jimmy Dapp and Hannah Fulford, who are now involved in IUDM as freshmen, after telling their stories at marathons for years. A true full circle moment that put everything in perspective.

During Power Hour, members raised a shocking $135,478.58. In one singular hour.

Because pictures (or videos) are worth 1,000 words, check out this recap courtesy of our Marketing committee!

Day of Hope was magical, and changed the lives of both IUDM members and Riley kids.

Now, only 47 jelly beans until the 36-hour marathon in November!

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