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Alumni Spotlight: Jaclyn Koeske

On the 30th anniversary of IUDM, we would like to honor some of the inspiring alumni who embodied the FTK spirit and paved the way for what IUDM is today.

Here is a message from Jaclyn Koeske.


I should start with why I got into IUDM in the first place. I was new to IU and looking to find my "thing". I grew up around DM in high school and knew it was an amazing cause - so my first year I danced alone and made SO many friends. I was hooked, stalked the morale team during the marathon, and was set on getting on Morale the next year. Fast forward to me making it on Morale, and little did I know this would lead me to making the best of friends (who I will be friends with for life) and tap into parts of me -- some that I knew existed, a lot that I didn't. IUDM and everyone involved, especially the kids, gave me more than I could ever have imagined, and I think it's true that you get out what you put in.

I can't really pinpoint my exact greatest impact, but the fact that I came out such a better person proves to me that by just being true to yourself, you will inspire others to keep having fun, support the kids, and be forever faithful to the IUDM mission. So I guess that may be my greatest impact - that I was "just a kid" that gave it my all in so many things for IUDM, thoroughly enjoying it and helping others find their own way to enjoy it. I hope I inspired people in the process, the way that everyone involved inspired me.

My favorite memory - and I'm telling you there are SO many that I laugh to, cry to, and cringe to when remembering - but my absolute favorite has to be that walk home post total reveal from my first marathon (the one that I danced at alone). I felt SO inspired and motivated (albeit tired) and I really believe that first marathon changed my life. I cried the whole walk home to my top bunk at Foster Harper. I was overwhelmed by the total, and felt like I could do just about anything that I wanted to in the world because of that. Everyone deserves that feeling.

"My years with IUDM were by far the best of my life and I couldn't be more grateful for everyone opening their arms to me."
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