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SFC Week 3: Focus Week!

By: Emma Herwehe

IUDM’s 18 committees are divided into four focuses: Communications, Membership, Finance and Internal. SFC Week 3 emphasized the importance of these focuses and helped bring each focus closer together through All-Focus meetings!

This past week for SFC, committees were challenged to get the highest number of donations and have the highest percentage of attendance at the All-Focus meetings.

Internal took home the crown, with Membership in second, Communications in third, and Finance in fourth. The Internal Focus consists of the Entertainment, Hospitality, Logistics, Morale and Riley Development committees.

In terms of individual committees, Marathon Relations, Recruitment, Hospitality and Fundraising won in their individual brackets!

At the All-Focus meetings, members got to hear from the Vice President of their respective focus and learned all about what their focus does.

Also, each committee within the focus got the chance to introduce what they specifically do!

Trashin’ Fashion shows were the highlight of the meetings, giving committee members a chance to show off their designer outfits made of just two trash bags and a couple pieces of tape.

Fundraising pushes and inspiring videos, along with “Why I Dance” stories, made sure to remind committee members what IUDM does and how much they are changing the world by being in it.

Overall, All-Focus meetings were a success, and committees are hyped up heading into the Old Riley Bucket Week. Let’s beat Purdue, go Hoosiers!!

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