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SFC Week 2: Oh So Tacky!

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

By: Emma Herwehe

Switchyard Pavilion’s lights were turned off, the space illuminated by different colors of string lights hung around the inside. In one corner, a merch table, in the other, a water station. Up front, a DJ mixing some of the best party songs from the 2000s.

The floor slowly filled up with people dressed in everything from grandma dresses to neon wigs. They had one theme in mind: Tacky.

Tacky Nite was such a fun way to kick off a new year of IUDM. Just three committee meetings in, it gave us a chance to relax and connect with each other. Even if you got pulled into a dance circle against your will.

Music including everything from Mo Bamba to Abba filled the pavilion. Committee members jumped, danced, and sang.

Committee members took advantage of some 2022 Marathon and Day of Hope merch and got to take fun pictures in front of a Tacky Nite banner!

Toward the end of the night, Tacky Nite Court was called up. It consisted of every committee’s Culture Chairs, who competed in an intense rock, paper, scissors tournament to crown Tacky Nite royalty. Lindsey Dann from the Logistics committee took home the crown.

Tacky Nite was a key part of last week’s Spring Fundraising Challenge. This week, committee members invited friends to meetings and helped them get registered for IUDM, and tried to get as much of their committee as possible to Tacky Nite. Congratulations to the winners of each division: Riley Development, Marketing, Logistics, and Alumni Relations!

Tacky Nite was a perfect example of one of IUDM’s overarching themes: friendship. Making new friends, celebrating old friends, and connecting as one organization by creating 18 families.

From the hours of 7-9, committee members were in a space where they could be themselves and smile, and have fun with people who will always lift them up.

If you can’t dance, that’s OK! Thanks for gracing us with your dance moves, good or bad, last week at Tacky Nite.

And good luck with the rest of SFC!!!

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Ryan Costello
Ryan Costello

Emma did so amazing with this article!

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