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Senior Sendoff 2024

By: Sasha Boudtchenk & Cady Anne Munger

As the school year comes to an end, we would like to celebrate all the seniors in IU Dance Marathon that have made a difference within the organization and for the children at Riley Hospital for Children. We asked seniors Anna Emmert, Griffin Healy, and Jess Meier to share their favorite memories in IUDM and the impact it made on them and their college experience. 

Anna Emmert was a Chair on Marathon Relations in 2021, served as the 2022 Director of Recruitment, and took on the role of 2023 VP Internal. Griffin Healy was a Committee Member on Recruitment in 2021 and served as the 2022 Social Media Chair on Public Relations. Jess Meier was a Committee Member on Marathon Relations and served as Stewardship and Culture Chair for Marathon Relations in 2023.

What was your favorite event that you did in IUDM?

Some might say I am biased, but definitely Marathon! Having the privilege to plan IUDM 2023, alongside the amazing Internal focus, was one of the most rewarding experiences. This event has everything under the sun: entertainment, food, merch, games, linedance, inspiration activities, and above all Riley families and stories! It truly is the culminating event of each year. After all that gushing about Marathon, I would like to submit an honorable mention, For The Kicks. This event really combines IU and Dance Marathon since we get to celebrate IU athletics with our Riley families. — Anna

My favorite event that I did at IUDM is ORB Week and competing against Purdue for a good cause. It’s amazing to see two schools raise money towards the Riley Hospital for Children. — Griffin

My favorite event throughout my time in IUDM was definitely Day of Hope. It was so wholesome to see committee members and other members of IUDM hit their goals for the day and even the year and the energy is just great in the hype room I will definitely miss that day. — Jess

What was your favorite memory from IUDM?

It is impossible to pick a favorite memory when there are so many, but some of the most impactful memories would be joining the Executive Council. Having the privilege of creating IUDM magic with two councils has definitely been the highlight of my entire college career. — Anna

My favorite memory is Day of Hope. It brings everyone together and really allowed me to bond with many other people that I hadn’t gotten to know before. — Griffin

My favorite memory is probably anytime I was with my MR chair team and committee. We were always laughing and it was the best part of my days when I knew I got to see them all at the end of the day! — Jess

How would you say IUDM changed your college experience?

I can’t even picture what my college experience would be like without IUDM. This organization is where I met my best friends, found my family, and made everlasting memories. IUDM gave me a space to grow and become a more complete person. — Anna

IUDM has been everything for me. I’ve made some of my closest friends through it while learning how to develop my leadership skills. — Griffin

IUDM literally saved my life so it definitely changed my college experience for the better. I was so lost before I joined Marathon Relations and I eventually found my future bridesmaids and forever friends from joining this amazing organization! — Jess

What advice could you leave for those still in IUDM?

Go to everything, each event is different year after year! Soak up every committee meeting, the years go by so fast! — Anna

Be yourself. Don’t let anyone change you, no one in this organization judges. — Griffin

A piece of advice I can give is to go to everything you can. In my last year I never said no to anything and I am so glad I did that because it allowed me to have so many more memories! — Jess

What are you taking from IUDM into your future?

I have talked about IUDM in every application or interview! With the leadership development and teamwork involved in this organization, I will never fail to pull stories from my experience in future opportunities. In addition, IUDM has given me a deeper sense of empathy and understanding of how vast the human experience can be. I will share the legacies of our Riley families and angels forever. — Anna

I think one thing I’ll take away from IUDM into the future is to stay kind and humble. It’s not about you, but what you can do for others. — Griffin

IUDM and the experiences I got from this organization helped me get a job for the rest of my senior year and into graduate school because of my experience as a chair. I will also be taking all of my friends with me into the future because they are my friends for life (y’all know who you are)! — Jess

Thank you, and good luck seniors!

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