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Riley Week 2019

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

The air might be growing colder, but the spirit of IUDM is coming back warmer than


Red balloons with Riley facts throughout campus.

Riley Week is here and full of excitement for what is to come in the next few days. If

you do not know what Riley Week is, let me help break it down. This week is jam-packed

with activities and information regarding Riley Hospital for Children and Indiana University Dance Marathon. We are helping to spread the Riley's impact, collecting donations all over campus, and hosting a ‘Doc Talk,’ with a Riley physician testimony. If you are interested in attending any of the events we have this week, I will include the schedule below!

Monday: Tabling on Campus

Make sure to stop by at any IUDM labeled table to hear about Riley Hospital and how you

can help the kids. Our students might be a little chilly, so help warm them up with kind

conversation and by writing encouraging letters to kids at Riley.

Tuesday: Canning in the Classroom

Students affiliated with IUDM (and who get permission from their professors) will be

bringing a red bucket into class asking for donations from their classmates and informing them about Riley Hospital.

Wednesday: Red Balloons & Riley Facts

If you see a red balloon tied down somewhere on campus, do not be alarmed! Each of these

balloons are here for a reason and want your attention because they all will have a special little fact about all things Riley.

Thursday: Doc Talk

If you would like to hear a Riley Doctor speak on their experiences or learn more about

the miracles happening every day at Riley Hospital, then you might want to consider going to this event. It is going to be at 7 PM at Luddy Hall in Room 1106, and our guest doctor will our very own IU grad, Dr. Megan McHenry.

Dr. McHenry focuses her research on neurodevelopment in HIV-infected and HIV-exposed children, global child health education, and research methodologies.

Riley Week goes by quick, so you will not want to miss all of the events we have going on

from Monday to Thursday. We cannot wait to see all you have to offer the kids at Riley this year and how you choose to be spending your dash.

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