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Looking Back on IUDM 32

One month ago, at 8 am October 30th, IUDM began to chant “Kids Can’t Wait.” The total reveal was upon us. In celebration, the crowd cheered as the number $3,233,986.23 was raised.  Tears were shed, and hugs were given as students looked at one another and were able to celebrate all that they had accomplished for Riley Hospital for Children during IUDM 2022. 

While reflecting on the total and the year, Sophomore Harrison Wright, from the Stewardship committee, said that he was, “filled with a sense of accomplishment, and I am so proud of myself, along with my committee members and the IUDM organization as a whole. It was so cool to see the tennis center come alive, and to celebrate all our efforts for Riley Hospital for Children”.

And from October 28th through 30th, the Tennis Center was most definitely alive. For 36 hours, students spent time with their committees, learned the infamous 12-minute line dance, bought merchandise, and played various sports. Most importantly, they got to hear testimonies from Riley families and children. The red carpet was rolled, the iconic music was played, and the Riley buddies walked down the aisle, to share their stories with IUDM. 

What’s more, IUDM 32 was able to hit a new milestone. This year, IUDM was able to raise $50 Million since its inception in 1991, making it the first Children’s Miracle Network Dance Marathon to ever do so. To Senior Vice President of Finance, Isaiah Cox, this meant everything. “When we hit the goal, and the crowd cheered, and my friends and role models from IUDM’s past were there to see it, I honestly felt so satisfied and content with the job I did. The years of hard work trying to make IUDM a prominent member of our campus and to work as hard as those before me felt like a mission coming true. And to do it alongside my best friend on stage, a President (Ali Klein) that inspired people and invited people to know her story in such a vulnerable way, a way that has and will continue to inspire IUDM members for many years to come.”

Cox continued saying “With us on that stage were 32 years of alumni, 21 other executive council members from this year, the year before, and the 30 executive councils before us, as well as every Riley kid, every legacy, and every family and student who has ever been impacted by this organization.” 

And so now, IUDM enters its 33rd year excited to continue to celebrate the legacies of those who are with us, those who came before us, those who entered Riley Hospital for Children, and those who left Riley with an outcome they weren’t hoping for. Rooted in Tradition, Transforming Tomorrow. We get to raise life-changing funds for the kids who need it most, and have a lot of fun while doing it. Junior Griffin Healy, a chair on the Public Relations committee, shares why he continues to be a part of IUDM, “I have made some of my lifelong friends on campus by being part of IUDM. It is so special to be a part of, and I am looking forward to another good year.” 

See you next year Tennis Center! 

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