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Leaving Your Legacy.

For us seniors, IUDM 2019 is our final time lacing up our dancing shoes and heading into the tennis center. It’s a weird time, and I along with plenty of others are feeling a wild mix of emotions- excitement to spend time with our committees and celebrate our year of hard work, but also sadness for having to say goodbye to a constant in our college careers. On the eve of IUDM 2019, four IUDM alumni give us their take on making the most of your senior DM and leaving your legacy.

“Enjoy the little moments of the marathon. Focus on fundraising, but also focus on talking to your committee, hanging out with the Riley kids, playing the games, learning the line dance and enjoying the last few hours of being part of something so great!”

“For advice for seniors/last dance marathon-goers, I had both as it was my first and last dance marathon, so I had one shot at it. I think throughout the marathon and even leading up to it, it’s never losing sight of what you’re there for in the first place and not forgetting who you are doing it for. RC. ALC. FTK. Your committee. And yourself. Know that what you are doing is making a difference. Yes, you’re going to be tired. Yes, you’re going to ache and feel like your feet are going to fall off. But keep going and dance your heart out and do it for those who can’t. What you’re doing now goes beyond IU when you graduate. Be proud to have been a part of IUDM, and keep inspiring others to follow your footsteps.”

“When I first got started with IUDM I thought it would be something I would be involved with during my four years at IU, but I was so wrong. IUDM is a lifelong commitment to making the world a better place. I am constantly reminded that in my everyday life. So my advice to the seniors would be to stay in the group chat and to remember you were a part of something so amazing and so special and because of IUDM you have made such an impact on this world. As you prepare for your last marathon and then graduation, remember you are a leader of change and it is up to you to carry on the legacy of RW, ALC, and IUDM.”

“What you do during IUDM is some of the most rewarding and meaningful work you will do in your whole life. To leave your legacy with IUDM means to continue to encourage future dancers by fundraising, sending uplifting messages, and supporting them. But leaving your IUDM legacy also means bringing with you all of the incredible things IUDM has given you, out into the ‘real’ world by inspiring others and treating them like Ryan & Ash would have.”

To the seniors- Make every moment count this weekend! For Ryan. For Ashley. For The Kids.

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