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IUDM DEIA Workshops

By: Ayaan Abbasi

Last Thursday, IUDM’s Stewardship Committee held its first DEIA workshop of the year with attendance from all eighteen committees and the executive council. These cabinet meetings were created with the goal of continuing to foster openness and inclusivity, both in IUDM and its surrounding communities.

DEIA stands for diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, all four of which attendees discussed their definition of. Starting in small groups and then branching off to the larger group, attendees shared their perspectives and how they believed IUDM could be adjusted to be a better fit for all.

During the meeting, different organizations across campus were highlighted including IU Hillel and Culture of Care so as to show the varied involvements of IUDM members, more of which will be highlighted in upcoming meetings.

Additionally, Stewardship’s DEIA Chair, Caroline Plumleigh, discussed bringing “a professional within the DEIA realm [to] come and speak to offer us their insights and knowledge.” 

The meeting also addressed how to implement DEIA efforts in the community, expanding the impact of initiatives beyond IUDM. 


Both Matt McCormick, the Director of Stewardship, and Caroline Plumleigh spoke of the excitement of having IUDM members at the workshop from all across the organization. “It is so cool to see people from every part of [IUDM] come together for something so special,” Matt said.

DEIA workshops will be held throughout this year to continue to gather new perspectives and ideas in support of the community that so many IUDM members care about.

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