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IU Athletics x IUDM

By Emma Herwehe

IUDM has been getting sporty recently! Members and Riley kids were featured at a IU Men’s Soccer game and an IU Football game.

On Sept. 1, IU Men’s Soccer had a “For the Kicks” game. At the pre-game tailgate, IUDM members and Riley kids ate pizza, played games, and hung out with all their favorite people!

Riley kids were honored before the game started, and the crowd cheered for the amazing faces smiling up at them from the field.

At halftime, IUDM Executive Council and the Morale Committee performed a few minutes of last year’s line dance for the crowd. It was a hit and really helped show the spirit of IUDM.

On Sept. 8, IU Football honored IUDM by featuring members and Riley kids in a few iconic spots throughout the game.

Before the game, members went onto the field and hung out with some Riley families.

Members also waved the Indiana state flag on the field during the pre-game festivities.

IUDM is so grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with IU Athletics.

“It is such a fun opportunity to get to showcase IUDM to a different part of campus, while also partaking in the incredible traditions and sharing in the spirit of some of our IU Athletics teams,” Maggie Doyle, Vice President of Communications for IUDM, said.

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