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'Fall' into IUDM events this semester!

By Emma Herwehe

After weeks of hot and sweaty walks to class, I know we’re all ready for Fall. The bright colors of leaves, the crisp morning air, pumpkin-flavored everything, and Taylor Swift’s Evermore on repeat.

For IUDM, Fall of course means all of those things, but it also means a schedule full of exciting events, all leading up to the 36-hour marathon in November! In IUDM, you truly get out what you put in. And with only 65 jellybeans left until the marathon, it’s time to give it our all. Take a look at what we have planned.

IU Football X IUDM - September 8, 7:00 p.m.

At the IU Football game against Indiana State this Friday, IUDM will be highlighted and fans will get to learn about all of the cool things the organization does. Plus, some familiar IUDM faces from multiple committees will run onto the field to be recognized for all their hard work!

Day of Hope - September 21

On Day of Hope, IUDM tries to raise as much money as possible in 24 hours. Committee members begin the day-long fundraising push watching the sunrise at the Cutouts. Members then transition to Alumni Hall, which is transformed into a hype room for the day. The hype room will have games, music, and it will be buzzing wall to wall with excitement. The total reveal for the day will be at midnight at the Sample Gates! Day of Hope is commonly known as the best day of the year!

Gala - October 6

The IUDM Gala has silent and live auctions, along with food and drinks, in a gorgeous venue in Indianapolis! It is a fun way to raise money for the organization while stewarding donors and committee members. Dress your best and enjoy what the night has to offer!

Mental Health Week - October 9-13

Mental Health Week is a week dedicated to supporting the well-being of those both in and out of IUDM. All week, committee members will learn about resources available to them and the children at Riley. Mental health is a very important topic, and everyone in IUDM and beyond deserves to feel so loved and heard, both this week and every week.

IUDM 2023- November 10-12

The moment everyone has been waiting for! IUDM members will spend 36 hours together dancing, playing, singing, and fundraising in the Tennis Center. All our efforts lead up to this weekend, so let’s make the most of this semester!

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