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Alumni Spotlight: John Reno

On the 30th anniversary of IUDM, we would like to honor some of the inspiring alumni who embodied the FTK spirit and paved the way for what IUDM is today. Here is a message from John Reno, a dancer in '04, Morale Committee Member '05, '06, and Director '07.


Mini-marathons were always one of my favorite parts about IUDM. I was a committee member on Morale right around the time more and more high schools were hosting them. Our committee was the only one (outside of exec) invited to participate, and I always felt that was a privilege. I think probably my greatest impact was connecting with those students, showing them how much fun you could have doing this, and encouraging them to get involved with dance marathon at the next level.

My favorite IUDM memory is standing up on stage my final year looking out at hundreds of students performing the line dance one last time before the total was raised. Each song/dance was a reflection of a different person on our committee and it made me so happy to see all these people enjoying this goofy dance that was created by my Morale family that year.

After I danced freshman year and saw how tight-knit the group of people in charge were, I knew I had to dive in and get involved. Little did I know back then this organization would be where I would meet my wife, some of my best friends to this day, and where I would learn how impactful a group of college students could be in helping to save lives.

"To anyone considering getting involved - I dare you to try IUDM. Worst case you have the most fun 36 hours ever; best case it'll change your life."

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