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14th Annual IUDM Gala

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

It’s that time of year again to dress your best and show up FTK. The 14th Annual IUDM Gala is being held on Friday, September 27th at the Indiana Roof Ballroom in downtown Indianapolis from 6 PM to 10 PM, and it will be featuring all 18 of your favorite committees. This event includes a lovely dinner, a silent and live auction, and guest speakers throughout the night... and did I mention all the proceeds go towards Riley? Yeah, you heard that right, all of it. Maybe you are wondering how Gala works? Let me explain a little more. Every year, committee members of IUDM prepare baskets with gift cards, paintings, apparel, and other exclusive items for other Gala attendees to bid on. While the silent picking and bidding is going on, people are eating, laughing, and enjoying the luxuries of downtown Indy. Silent baskets are won, live auctions begin, and guest speakers come in to warm hearts on all things Riley. Sound fun? Sound inspiring? It is all that and more.

The annual Gala raises a large sum of money for the kids at Riley while spreading the word of the hospital to families all over Indiana. If you are available, this event is one you do not want to miss. Unique baskets, motivational speakers, and Riley donations are the three ingredients to make an unforgettable night. For more information, visit to purchase a ticket or to contact IUDM’s Director of Special Events, Tyler Grace. Also, give a big thank you to all of the Special Events committee for pouring their hearts into Gala 2019. I have a feeling this will be the best one yet!

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