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10 Ways to Fundraise on 100 Days

By Emma Herwehe

Today, there is officially 100 jellybeans left until IUDM 33! That’s only 100 days left until the best weekend of the year.

100 Days is our last big fundraising push of the summer! It’s time to give it our all and really kick off our final 100 jelly beans well. Don’t stress about getting back into fundraising, we have all the inspiration you need right here!:

10 ways to fundraise on 100 days:

1. Social Media

In today’s world, social media plays a huge role. Whether your favorite platform is Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, or anything else, utilize it! Ask your committee’s culture chair for a cute template to post, or make your own! Post pictures of you at IUDM events or with the people IUDM gave you, and show all your friends and followers how much this organization means to you and the kids at Riley. They will be happier to donate knowing their money is going to something that makes so many people happy.

2. Do small jobs for family and friends

If you’re still at home today, use that to your advantage! Ask the couple you know has a bunch of kids if they need a night out and babysit. Ask the elderly couple across the street if they need their lawn mowed. Run errands for your parents if they have work starting up again! Ask for a donation to your page in return for your hard work.

3. Non-ask update

It’s very important to steward your donors. It can be awkward or rude to ask for a donation right off the bat, so try sending a long email or text just explaining what you’ve been up to over the summer and showing how excited you are to get back to school! That way, when you do ask for a donation, it feels friendlier and your donors are happy to support you now that they know what you’re up to.

4. Be an Uber driver

Whether you’re in Bloomington or at home, someone always needs a ride! Offer to take your little siblings to school or pick up a friend from Kirkwood. Send a message to your friends in and out of IUDM and offer to be their chauffeur that day. No matter who you are helping, have them donate to your page in exchange!

5. Reach out to IUDM alum

IUDM alumni are some of the most supportive, friendly people around, and they typically love to support fundraising efforts. These connections are great to have in and out of IUDM. Ask your director for some contacts or send a text to alumni from your committee that you miss! They would love to hear from you.

6. Dono trains

Dono trains are a great way for multiple people to get a donation in the same time span! Start one in your committee group chat or in a chat with IUDM friends. Say something like “First person to send a picture of *something* gets $5 from me!” And then that person will keep it going.

7. Slide into the DMs

Now is your chance to hit up your celebrity crush. Or maybe your real crush? If you’ve been thinking of what to say, we have your answer. Ask them for a donation! If they don’t want to support you and Riley Hospital, maybe they aren’t the one.

8. Text and email

Simply reach out to everyone you know. Your donation page should have a section with all the emails of your past donors who you can reach out to. Also, just go through your phone’s contacts or email addresses and reach out to everyone! The worst thing that can happen is they ignore you or say no. But at least you tried!

9. Take donations instead of pay for the day

If you’re still at your summer job today, put your earnings for the day towards your page. Or, ask if the company is willing to do anything that day to support you, such as pledging a certain amount of earnings towards your page or matching how much you raise. If you get paid daily, ask your employer if they’d be willing to donate towards your page instead of paying you directly.

10. Dono for Dono

The classic Dono for Dono. Reach out to your best IUDM friends and ask if they are willing to give you a donation if you donate to them in return! This way, everybody wins!

Happy fundraising, we believe in you!! 100 days until the best weekend ever.

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