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10 Tips for 10 Days

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

We are 10 days out from the epitome of IUDM, the end of the season, the marathon in its whole glory! In ten brief days, we will all meet in the tennis center for 36 hours of dancing, laughing, and smiling… but are we ready? How on Earth do we prepare for the longest weekend of the year? Although there have been many tips and tricks used throughout the years, we have gathered up 10 of our favorite marathon essentials for you and your 12, 24, or 36 hour journey.

1. Snack Pack— No matter how big the bag, make sure to fill it up with your snacks of choice, especially if you are a committee member. Having food always available will keep the hangry out of you all weekend.

2. Tennis Balls— Yes, you read that correctly. A mixture of standing, jumping, and dancing all lead to one effect… sore feet. Use tennis balls to roll out those puppies often!

3. Fanny Pack— A game-changer, an essential accessory, a character never booted out of Super Smash Bros… a fanny pack. Running around with phones, snacks, chapstick, etc. will be much more convenient with this tool.

4. Portable Charger— Let’s face it, we will all be on our phones and those suckers need juice. And the 100 or so outlets will not be able to suffice the thousands of phones being used every minute. Do yourself a favor with this item & capture every moment!

5. Extra Change of Shoes— Your feet will thank you later.

6. Lots of T-shirts— Lots of physical activity and only one shirt? Perhaps not the best idea, stay comfy and clean by supplying yourself extra clothes for the weekend ahead of you.

7. Shower on Breaks— For the 36-hour dancers, showering during breaks is quite euphoric. Of course, using breaks to eat and sleep are also great ideas, showering will keep you feeling fresh and lively upon returning to the tennis center.

8. Water Bottle— This one might sound obvious to all of you Hydro-Flask lovers out there, but make sure to bring a water bottle. Staying hydrated is fundamental to your experience and your participation throughout the weekend.

9. A Good Night’s Sleep— The night before the marathon is full of adrenaline-packed excitement on what the weekend will bring; however, you have to sleep through it. Getting your homework done early in the week and having your bag packed is a great start to Friday morning, so you can relax and prepare for the activity the marathon will bring.

10. Donation Templates— As said a million times before, marathon weekend is exciting. It’s magical, it might as well be called Indiana University’s Exciting & Magical Dance Marathon, so looking down at a phone screen might make you feel like you are missing out on integral DM moments… well do I have a tip for you! Message templates! Email templates! Writing out messages early turns this task into a click of a button. Make a list of individuals you would like to ask for donations, and draft social media posts you would like to post during the marathon. By doing this, you are creating real-life time at the marathon and making a difference within seconds.

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