Executive Council Application

Expected Skills of Executive Council Applicants:


There will be a lot of information thrown at you very quickly so keeping track of all of it and passing it on to your focus, chair teams, and committee members.


During a typical week, you will have an executive council meeting, a focus meeting, a chair meeting, and a committee meeting, with additional 1-on-1’s and additional work.

Resilience and Flexibility

Not everything goes according to plan all the time, so knowing how to adapt and bounce back is crucial.

Collaboration and Empathy

You will work with people with different personalities, backgrounds and leadership styles than you. Knowing how to compromise and relate to others is vital, especially on a 23 person council.

Time Commitment

  • Expect to commit 8-10 hours to meetings each week

  • Expect to commit an extra 5-6 hours to doing work for IUDM each week

Recommended Position-Specific Skills

Vice President Membership

  • Creative thinking: able to come up with new ways of recruiting and engaging dancers, alumni, and donors

  • Professional communication: able to maintain experienced tone when in contact with dancers, alumni, and donors

Vice President Internal

  • Organization: able to keep track of many moving pieces and people

  • Project Management/Delegation: able to oversee a large event and use your resources to make it come together

  • Creativity: able to expand upon existing events and create more when possible

Vice President Communications

  • Professional communication: able to create and follow professional branding guidelines and maintain experienced tone when in contact with anyone inside or outside of the organization

  • Graphic Design Skills

Vice President Finance

  • Excel Skills: able to collect and organize data from donor drive including donation reports and canning

  • Strategic Planning: able to look at data and make targeted decisions about fundraising planning and pushes

  • Creative Thinking: able to develop new ideas on how to fundraise and create new fundraising pushes/events

Director of Accounting

  • Excel Skills: able to collect and organize data from donor drive including donation reports and canning. 

  • Time-management: ability to meet deadlines and deal with time sensitive tasks such as depositing checks and soft crediting pages. 

Director of Alumni Relations

  • Outgoing: able to talk with alumni that you may not know and are older than you.

  • Creativity: implementing new ways to engage alumni and creating new and inspiring content for the inspiration tent.

  • Professional Communication: ability to create a well organized and written newsletter to send to alumni

Director of Corporate Relations

  • Professional communication: able to maintain an experienced and personable tone when in contact with businesses

  • Flexibility: able to bounce back if told "no" by a sponsor and learn from the experience

  • Indesign skills: able to utilize InDesign to create the Corporate packet and personalized communication to sponsors

Director of Dancer Relations

  • Outgoing: able to reach out to and engage organizations and individuals from all over campus

  • Creativity: able to tailor recruiting methods to different types of dancer groups

  • Organization: able to handle the contacting and recruiting of over 60 dancer groups

Director of Entertainment

  • Outgoing and personable: able to reach out to bands and acts and get them interested

  • Creative thinking: able to come up with new games/bands/acts and develop new relationships with new talent

  • Reliability and responsibility: able to communicate with bands/acts and maintain a professional schedule

Director of Fundraising

  • Excel Skills: ability to create and organize excel sheets for all committees and some dancer organizations fundraising statistics.

  • Communication: can work well with others and is able to listen and help solve issues with fundraising

Director of Hospitality

  • Organization:  able to analyze previous donations to determine an appropriate ask from a business, 

  • Strong knowledge and experience using excel/google sheets: all previous donor information is formatted using these programs and planning is required to develop a comprehensive list of in-kind donors

  • Personable: you will be contacting local businesses and you are always representing IUDM while doing this

  • Time management/Timely: donation requests have strict timelines that need to be followed for a successful year

Director of Hospital Relations

  • Professionalism/Communication: able to communicate directly with staff of the hospital, including those who are highly ranked within Riley, ability to write emails and make phone calls.

  • Time-management: ability to meet deadlines, plan and execute important events like Riley Week and Doc Talk

Director of Logistics

  • Professionalism/Communication: contacts IU faculty and outside companies regarding room and event requests. 

  • Time-management: ability to meet strict deadlines, sometimes at short notice.

  • Organized: keeps track of events and meetings, where they are and what time they will be happening.

Director of Marathon Relations

  • Communication Skills: work directly with RCF staff and high school advisors to execute successful high school dance marathons

  • Time-management: able to help multiple marathons at a time and be available for their questions and their marathon 

  • Organization: coordinate excel spreadsheets for different marathons and keep track of their persona; statistics 

Director of Marketing

  • Technology: experience in content creation  including, but not limited to- Adobe Creative Cloud Applications (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premier), experience or familiarity in website design or coding, highly skilled in general technology/computers

  • Organization: ability to meet deadlines sometimes on short notice

Director of

Merchandising and Apparel

  • Creativity: capable of coming up with new and unique merchandise ideas

  • Accountability: needs to meet strict deadlines, sometimes with short notice

  • Good communication: constantly in contact with BOM & Underground Printing for merchandise ideas and delivery

  • InDesign/Procreate/Adobe Suite skills: able to bring ideas to life through this software

Director of Morale

  • Enthusiastic/Personable: able to lead a group of energetic and extroverted individuals and also engage dancers at the marathon

Director of Public Relations

  • Organization: able to plan content calendars and stick to the schedule

  • Collaboration/Creativity: able to share the ideas and efforts of 18 committees and work to make sure the entire organization is represented

  • InDesign/Procreate/Adobe Suite skills: able to make graphics and write press releases

Director of Recruitment

  • Outgoing: able to reach out to and engage freshmen

  • Creativity: able to adapt to new situations and tailor recruiting methods to new circumstance

  • Organization: able to handle the contacting and recruiting of hundreds of freshmen

Director of Riley Development

  • Personable and Outgoing: able to contact and engage Riley families

  • Organization: able to delegate and organize the interactions between committee members and families

  • Creativity: able to find new ways to include our families and make them feel special

Director of Special Events

  • Organization/Creativity: able to organize and develop two of the largest IUDM events and adapt to change, specifically in event planning

  • Communication Skills: able to reach out to and contact businesses and venues for IUDM events as well as engage dancers, alumni, and donors for these events

Director of Stewardship

  • Creativity: able to think of new and different ideas to steward our thousands of participants and donors, make graphics to send out 

  • Communication: ability to reach out to other directors for stats/info, send informative and well drafted emails to high up people in this organization, contact alumni

  • Time-management: being diligent regarding events and staying on top of annual emails, graphics, stewarding tactics, & being patient diligent with receiving stats and contacts from directors/BOM

  • Technology: able to design graphics for participants and donors to receive and able to design bracelets for participants