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Staying Connected

Even though being an alumni means moving on from IUDM and furthering your career it's important to stay connected. This page offers you that opportunity to see how the organization is growing. Here you will also find other ways how you can engage with our current members.

What's new

Even classes are over for the semester IUDM is still working hard over the summer! Coming up on July 20th is 100 days, one of our largest fundraising pushes of the year. That's right there are only 100 days left until the marathon! The next day on the 21st, the executive council is traveling to Atlanta for Dance Marathon Leadership Conference (DMLC). Want to stay connected and learn more about what's going on in IUDM? Click the button below to sign up with your email for our monthly news letter!

Committee Member Spotlight

Closing out our Merchandising & Apparel spotlight, we have Lukas Troutman! This new member has fully embraced IUDM and M$A to the fullest extent! He is always hyping people up, doing the most he can, encouraging people to fundraise, contributing to culture, and just being the coolest kid ever! And he was on the IUDM bike team!

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