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Focus Week Recap 2024

By: Jillian Bernstein

Throughout the past week, IUDM four focuses competed in the Focus Week Challenge. With the four focuses—Communications, Internal, Membership, and Finance—in competition, students embarked on a week-long journey filled with fundraising efforts, canning, attending committee meetings, and securing ticket sales for the highly anticipated Tacky Prom event.

All 18 committees hit the streets of Bloomington this week for canning, resulting in a groundbreaking total fundraising amount of over $800 this week

Amy Kinney, the Director of Accounting said “Canning is such an amazing way for committees to bond with one another while also raising money for Riley! I’m so proud of all of IUDM and the excitement around canning & the hard work that they are putting into it.”

One of the highlights included the $20 challenge. The committee that achieved the highest number of members raising $20 this week was Public Relations. The Public Relations committee also secured the award of most activated committee, with all 60 members securing a donation.

Additionally, the focuses were encouraged to purchase tickets for Tacky Prom as part of the Focus Week challenge. Tacky Prom is an eagerly anticipated event scheduled for April 24th and is a celebration for committee members to conclude another successful semester of IUDM. Morale sold the most Tacky Prom tickets during this week. 

Communications took home the week’s first place prize with Internal in second, Membership in third, and Finance in fourth. The Communications Focus consists of committees Hospital Relations, Marketing, Public Relations, and Special Events. As an incentive, the Communication Focus will get to design a special patch to wear on their 2024 Marathon Shirts.

“I am genuinely so proud of and inspired by the Communications Focus. They truly exhausted all of their resources and gave their all into fundraising in creative and unique ways. I will forever remember this week as it united Comm forever!” Meredith Waymire, IUDM’s Vice President of Communication said. 

In terms of individual committees, Marathon Relations, Riley Development, and Merchandise and Apparel won in their individual focuses! They scored the title of “Change Champions” and will also get a patch on their 2024 Marathon Shirts. 

This week alone, IUDM as a whole raised $15,678.53, demonstrating not only their fundraising efforts but also their commitment to making a meaningful impact in the community. Focus Week served as more than just a fundraising initiative—it was a celebration of teamwork, friendship, and the enduring spirit of IUDM.

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