IUDM is honored to work in partnership with over 13 high schools in the state to helping facilitate their ‘mini’ dance marathons.

Similar to IUDM, high school students raise money for Riley Hospital for Children, learn the IU Mini Line Dance, meet local Riley families, and participate in other exciting activities during the marathon! Hosting a mini dance marathon is an excellent way to empower students to promote positive change within their community, as well as to teach students the value of philanthropy in an engaging way.

If you would like any information on how IUDM can assist at your high school’s dance marathon or if you have any questions on how to get started, please contact Jimmy Hayden, Director of Marathon Relations, at marathon.relations@iudm.org. The Marathon Relations committee is happy to provide any support possible!

This year, our High School Marathon Program raised a total of $755,362.27 – all for the children at the Riley Hospital for Children!

Our High School Marathons

Bloomington South

Being the second largest high school dance marathon in the nation, Bloomington South once again surpassed their goal by raising $157,508.68 for the kids. We are so proud of them and their fundraising efforts this year.

Bedford North Lawrence

We have been working with Bedford North Lawrence Dance Marathon since 2015, and we were ecstatic to work with them this year on their endeavors! BNL raised $2,162.98 for the kids.

Bishop Chatard High School

Bishop Chatard Riley Dance Marathon is the oldest high school marathon in the country. We were so proud that they raised $4,005.83 at their marathon this year!

Brown County

We were so happy to work with Brown County High School again this year and to have the opportunity to see their dance marathon program grow! Brown Country DM raised $4,029.89 this year, and we are so impressed by all of their hard work.

Brownstown Central High School

We received the opportunity to work with Brownstown Central this year, and because of that we got to witness the awesome passion they have for dance marathon and Riley Hospital for Children! We were very excited to see them raise $2,777.75 this year at their dance marathon.

Carmel High School

Carmel Dance Marathon is the largest fundraising high school dance marathon in the country. The students of this high school continue to carry on the legacies of Ashley Louise Crouse and Carmel alumni by dancing in their honor. They continue to share her story and dance for Ash at every marathon. We are amazed at Carmel’s work this year as they raised $453,395.06.

Castle High School

We had the pleasure of traveling to Evansville for Castle’s sixth dance marathon where they raised $37,430.05! This total marked a nearly $20,000 increase from their 2015 total. The Castle Dance Marathon features a unique model at which the marathon is planned around the Homecoming basketball game. While at the game, students filled the student section and stood the entire time as an embodiment of the dance marathon slogan: “we stand for those who can’t.”

Floyd Central

We were so proud of Floyd and the $85,709.12 they raised this year at their 2017 dance marathon. We were so impressed by their passion for dance marathon and Riley Hospital for Children.

Jasper High School

Working with Jasper High School over the past few years, we were excited to work with them again in 2017. Jasper raised $8,578.11 and we are so proud of their hard work this year.

Martinsville High School

We were so honored to work with Martinsville High School this year. It was a great time seeing all the games and activities they created for their marathon, especially the lip-synch competition. We were thrilled to see them raise $19,014.81 this year at their marathon.

Pike Central

We were so excited to see Pike Central High School raise $18,171.08 Their efforts and passion for the Riley Hospital for Children did not go unnoticed this year, and we are so proud of them.

Reitz Memorial

We were so excited to see the incredible efforts put forth by Reitz Memorial High School this year as they raised $36,061.62. We enjoyed listening to their passionate Riley speakers and taking part in their dodgeball games and tug-of-war competitions.

Southport High School

Dating back to 2000, Southport is IUDMs longest continuous high school dance marathon. We were so impressed with their efforts at their 2017 dance marathon as they raised $53,253.71 for the kids.

The Gymnastics Center

The Gymnastics Center (TGC) Dance Marathon holds a special place in IUDMs heart because it was founded by our very own Riley Lesh, one of our Riley kids. The TGC marathon takes place at Rileys gymnastics center as the kids learn the line dance and also get to practice their gymnastic tricks. We cannot wait to visit their marathon again in the fall of 2017!