Thank You, Participants!

IUDM would not be the organization it is today without our participants! Last year, IUDM had a total of 3,364 participants! Our dancers and committee members are our heart and soul of our organization. To honor our participants, there are fundraising milestones members may strive for and accomplish each year.


The fundraisingrequirment to enter the marathon is $550

The following are participant fundraising milestones. We congratulate each participant on achieving these goals every year with special bracelets to be worn at the marathon!

Ashley's Angels

Participants that raise over $1750 become a part of Ashley’s Angels. This specific milestone is  called Ashley’s Angels because of the dedication and hard work Ashley had for the marathon, which shows in the members who reach this level as well. 

President Circle

Participants that raise over $2500 become a part of the President Circle. This fundraising milestone is called President Circle because of the grit, devotion, and excitement it takes to go above and beyond for the kids at Riley Hospital. Members that accomplish this level join this circle of participants that have a drive to raise awareness FTK!

Hall of Fame

Participants that raise over $5000 become a part of the Hall of Fame. This fundraising milestone is called Hall of Fame because these members bring the light, energy, and determination to what it means to be a part of dance marathon and be a part of something greater than yourself. Members that reach this amazing milestone join this elite group of participants that are ultimately FTK!