Dancers are the heart and core of IUDM. They stand for 12, 24, or 36 hours at IUDM while participating in games, color wars competitions, listening to Riley family stories, eating, and learning more about IUDM. Highlights of the dancer experience include the IUDM Rave, the Riley Kid Talent Show and the IUDM Idol competition. Dancing is a great way to get involved on campus and definitely an IU Bucket List item you should check off.

Committee Member

Committee members work year-round to plan and spread awareness about IUDM and Riley Hospital. IUDM is comprised of 18 committees that allow people to become even more invested in the IUDM Family. Committee members must have previously danced in IUDM. Look out for more information about becoming a committee member after IUDM 2017.

Subcommittee Chair

Subcommittee chairs work with Directors to lead each IUDM Committee. Each chair is responsible for a subcommittee or larger role within a committee. Becoming a subcommittee chair is a great way to gain more leadership experience and continue to help IUDM grow and impact Riley Hospital. Look out for more information about becoming a subcommittee chair after IUDM 2017.