In honor of getting excited for IUDM 2013, here are some of the great moments from IUDM 2012 to encourage dancers to go to the call out meeting Feb. 27 at 7 p.m. located Woodburn 101.

10. The Opening Ceremony for Second Shift: For me as a first-time dancer, the opening ceremony was overwhelming and exciting. I can’t deny that I was absolutely terrified of spending the next 18 hours on my feet, but seeing people who had already been there for 18 hours and were still so excited was energizing and empowering!

9. The Snacks: If you’re anything like me, you might worry about starving throughout your shift. I promise, the catering committee will not let you down.

8. The Talent Show: I can’t decide what was better: seeing the unexpected talent from the dancers representing each color team, or watching the kids’ impressive and slightly crazy dance moves. Okay, it was probably the kids.

7. Color Wars! Throughout the whole marathon, the teams of different colors go all-out to try to get points for their color by the end of the marathon.

6. Dodgeball, corn hole, 3v3 basketball, yoga, tug-of-war, stretching, photo shoots. Don’t worry you’ll find many ways to fill the hours.

5. Tom Crean’s inspirational speech. Oh, and most of the basketball players managed to make an appearance too. Cody Zeller playing basketball with the Riley kids may or may not have melted my heart. Amazing to see the basketball team and other athletes support our school and such a great cause.

4. The people: IUDM is an experience like no other because it forces you to spend hours with amazing people that you may or may not have known before. I did IUDM with my pledge class, who I knew already, but it definitely made us closer as a house. We also got the opportunity to become close with people from countless other organizations, especially the ones on our color war team.

3. Riley Stories: The Riley stories were one of my favorite parts of the marathon. Hearing parents and children tell their stories reminds everyone involved that we stand for those who can’t. The emotion and inspiration captured in these stories really can’t be given justice by anyone but the incredible families themselves.

2. The Line Dance: I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying the line dance. The hilarious dance moves, creative mix of perfect song portions, and forever upbeat Morale committee made the line dance one of my favorite part, even the 15th time we did it. I never thought dancing would make me emotional, but putting it all together at the end of the marathon with everyone literally brought tears to my eyes.

1. $2,125,322.20…THE TOTAL! The best, most fulfilling moment of the marathon by far was in the last few minutes when the total amount raised for Riley was revealed . Of course, we couldn’t be excited about this until after the heart-wrenching moment when $1.9 million was raised up first by some jokesters trying to make everyone think we hadn’t broken the lofty $2 million goal. Once the real total went up, the Tennis Center literally shook with excitement, and everything was right in the world.

By: Kelly Freiburger