With only nine weeks until the big day, IUDM’s morale committee is working hard to choreograph the line dance for this year’s marathon.  The line dance is a 10 minute compilation of songs that the dancers learn throughout the marathon as a prominent form of entertainment.  By practicing the dance to near perfection, the dancers and committee members focus less on their sore feet and more on the fun and silliness of the routine!

In honor of our nine week countdown, here are nine of the songs from last year’s line dance:

1.  Vamos a La Play – Loona

2.  Wannabe – Spice Girls

3.  Semi-charmed Life- Third Eye Blind

4.  Get Ur Freak On- Missy Elliot

5.  More than a Feeling- Boston

6.  Larger than Life- Backstreet Boys

7.  We are Never Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift

8.  Gangnam Style- Psy

9.  Call Me Maybe- Carly Rae Jepsen


By: Maria Page