This year, we celebrated two amazing individuals during Ryan and Ashley week. We remember Ryan White and Ashley Louis Crouse for their incredible character, and honor them during this week. Ryan White contracted the HIV/AIDS virus through no fault on his own, and became the face a disease that was not known that well. As a result, he wasn’t allowed to attend school and was treated with hostility in his own community. Unfortunately, Ryan passed away before he was able to attend IU, and in his memory, this dance marathon was started. It is for kids like Ryan and many others that are patients at Riley Hospital for Children that we dance. Along with Ryan, we also remember Ashley Louis Crouse, a former executive council member whose enthusiasm and love for this organization was unmatched. Although we lost Ashley in a tragic car accident, we still try to carry on her spirit in our dance marathon today. That is, a cheerful, energetic outlook on life that helped change this organization more into a large family with an unwavering cause to help the children at Riley’s Hospital for Children. They are our heroes and will never be forgotten. During this week, we honored them by creating videos to educate others and remember, with the week culminating with the walk to remember.