With less than six months until the marathon, students need to begin fundraising as soon as possible. Although it might seem easier for Indiana residents to raise money because of the high awareness of IUDM, out-of-state students can raise just as much money if they do it the right way.

A great way for out-of-state students to fundraise would be to send handwritten letters to family members, friends, coworkers, former high school teachers, the barista who makes your morning coffee, and anyone else you might cross paths with on a daily basis. In this letter explain what IUDM is, who IUDM benefits, your experience with IUDM, and why you chose to get involved with IUDM. If you need help follow the template offered on the IUDM website.

Another way to fundraise would be to find a corporate sponsor. Talk to your parents about the companies they work for, a friend who knows someone that owns a company, a local business owner, or any type of corporation. Again, explain what IUDM is and what it means to you. In order to be a corporate sponsor, the corporation will have to donate at least $500. Luckily for you, all of that money will go towards your total.

Because many people in states other than Indiana have no idea what IUDM is, canning might not be as affective as it would be at a Walmart in Indianapolis. Therefore, it is necessary to take steps such as writing letters and talking to corporate sponsors now so that it isn’t too late to raise all the money possible for the kids.

By: Katelyn Hodgman