As far as Dance Marathon committees go, Indiana University has 16. Each performs many vital functions throughout the year that allow IUDM to run in a smooth and efficient manner continually.

Committees vary, from Marketing and Public Relations, to Fundraising and Accounting, and more. Each committee has various subcommittees with specific responsibilities. This past weekend, to simultaneously try something new and help out my roommate, I volunteered for my friend’s subcommittee, IUDM Gives Back, which is from the Logistics committee.

This specific subcommittee focuses their time on volunteering for charitable organizations all over Bloomington to practice a year-round service and community outreach for IUDM. This weekend, the Middle Way House was their destination.

Located in downtown Bloomington, the Middle Way House is a safe-haven for victims of any kind of violence. They offer emergency housing to women and children, and aim to be a stepping-stone into a stable living environment. Families and individuals can be provided with apartment style housing in this complex until their life attains security.

From 10 until 2 on Saturday, IUDM Gives Back spent time helping however they could. Efforts included a thorough and extensive cleaning of an apartment for a family to live in, as well as the cleaning out a large courtyard for more free space. An adventurous trip to Menards was also part of our agenda, as a means of gathering a month’s worth of countless materials the Middle Way House requires.

The experience at the Middle Way House was very rewarding – we were able to fix up an apartment so it is one step closer for a family’s use, and it always feels good to give back to the community, especially with such a tremendous group of happy and helpful people. It is made even sweeter that we are able to continue to make a difference in the name of IUDM in this community.

Being able to give back to the community through a committee like that continues the encouragement of my spirit for this year’s Dance Marathon. It makes me confident we have the most wonderful group of people that are working so hard and are going to make such a difference in so many people’s lives, whether that’s through IUDM or simple personal interactions.


By: Kristi Rose