Alumni Dinner & Carmel High School DM

At this year’s Carmel High School Dance Marathon, a few alumni were able to join us for dinner, ice cream, and attending the close ceremonies. These alumni were Amy Balcius(’91-’93), Julie Krodel (‘05), Gretchen Ahlers (‘11), and Alley Murphy (’12). The alumni shared stories of how IUDM started and memories of working with Ashley Louise Crouse, while the committee members were able to discuss new ideas for the upcoming year and their experience in IUDM. We returned to Carmel DM in time to see the final line dance, a speech from Kyle Dietz (‘04-‘05), and of course, the raising of the total, which was $294,206.28! Congratulations to Carmel HS DM for improving on their total, and a huge thank you for those alumni that were able to come back and share this experience with us!