$294,206.28 is the impressive amount of money Carmel High School students rose for the kids at Riley Children’s Hospital!

Being the 8th year for Carmel Dance Marathon, raising almost $300,000 speaks volumes about the passion these high school students have for Riley Children’s Hospital and giving back to their community. The passion at Carmel High School is fueled by former Carmel student, Ashley Crouse, who lived for IUDM and doing everything FTK! Carmel is currently the largest high school dance marathon in Indiana.  Last year, Carmel High School had their 7th dance marathon where they exceeded the $1 million mark in total. IUDM is proud to have Carmel Dance Marathon’s hard work also be counted towards IUDM’s grand total.

The planning of this 6 hour dance marathon is very similar to that of IUDM. There is an executive council of 50 spirited kids who plan the event, and start fundraising early in March. With over 1,100 dancers this past marathon, Carmel received an overwhelming amount of support from their teachers, faculty members, and, of course, IUDM. At the marathon, members from IUDM’s Morale Committee and Marathon Relations attend to teach the students part of the line dance, hang out, and encourage students to continue to give back. During the marathon, many Riley families also come to support the dancers and share their Riley stories.

Thanks to Carmel High School, IUDM now works with 15 other high schools throughout the state helping and inspiring them in their own dance marathons. From all of the committee members and dancers on IU Dance Marathon we want to thank Carmel High School dancers for a successful and motivating marathon! $294,206.28 is an awe-inspiring number, and we are proud to call part of the IUDM family.


By Erika Burghardt