On Saturday, April 6 and Sunday, April 7, over 500 IUDM committee members, donned in their favorite FTK apparel, grabbed a bucket and headed to grocery outlets and retail hotspots all across the state to end up raising over $19,000 for Riley Children’s Hospital!

Each semester, the Indiana Dance Marathon Fundraising committee hosts the famed Road Rules event, where teams of four from all 16 committees are randomly assigned at last minute to one of 32 locations—whether it be a Kroger in Noblesville, a WalMart in Greencastle, or in front of Kilroy’s on Kirkwood—to collect donations for four hours’ time.

“My team and I were assigned to can at the entrance of a WalMart in Carmel,” Thomas Harner, Morale committee member, said. “We were able to raise nearly $500 among the four us, so it was a really great experience that brought us all that much closer to reaching our personal fundraising goals.”

With the average committee member being required to individually raise a minimum of $600, sanctioned fundraising events like Road Rules provide opportunities for IUDM participants to make a substantial dent in their donation totals.

“I wasn’t on a committee last year, and I found it a little difficult at times to reach my fundraising goal,” George Chronis, Merchandising and Apparel committee member, said. “Now that I’m on a committee, I am thankful for perks like Road Rules to help make fundraising not only a lot more fun, but also easier.”

Another Road Rules event is scheduled to occur next fall, and it is sure to bring just as much success as the one before.

“Road Rules is a great way to have a fun, impromptu road trip with members of your committee on a weekend afternoon, meet dozens of smiling faces while asking for donations, and, of course, raise money for the kids,” Liz Healy of Morale said.

By: Derek Luttrell