With springtime slowly but surely approaching, flowers, sunny weather and tanks aren’t the only things in our prospective futures. Thousands of students are engaged in the painstaking internship hunt, and Joe Primavera is here to share why his summer 2012 ALC internship with Riley Hospital for Children is something all IUDM participants should consider.

Q: What initially interested you in applying for the IUDM ALC Internship at Riley?

A: As a Health Administration major and Indianapolis native, I have always been attracted to the IU Health System. Riley Hospital is such an amazing place with an incredible staff. I had been interested in working at Riley in some capacity since joining IUDM my freshman year.

Q: What kind of people were you able to meet and work alongside throughout the summer?

A: I was fortunate enough to meet a very wide variety of employees and volunteers during my summer at Riley. I was a rotating intern that worked with 12 different departments and units of the hospital. I tried my best to meet as many people within these areas as possible. Each person had a very unique and passionate story about working at Riley Hospital.

Q: Do you have some words of wisdom for anybody on the fence about applying?

A: I would encourage anyone that might be interested in applying to do a bit of research on what department they would be interested in working with at the hospital, and then tailor their application to that specific cause. There is no harm in applying. It would certainly be worth the experience and insight into what employers are looking for and what you can give in return to meet those needs.

Q: What will you remember most about your summer spent at Riley Hospital for Children?

A: I was blown away by the openness of the senior staff and department heads in letting me dive head first into daily operations and issues. I was able to learn so much by just listening, and I truly believe that is rare for an organization as busy as Riley Children’s Hospital. I will also never forget my interactions with the patients and visitors of the hospital.

Q: Not everybody wants to work in a hospital upon graduation. Should they still apply?

A: There are a wide variety of positions open in a hospital setting, ranging from child life services to public relations and marketing. I can imagine that Riley Hospital will continue to have a need for people from all backgrounds.

Q: What advice could you give future interns who want to make the best of their prospective summers at Riley?

A: Go into the experience with an open mind and be passionate about whatever you will be doing. Each day will bring new and valuable experiences if you are willing to take them in. It’s an exciting place with a lot to teach young adults about life and determination.

The ALC internship is exclusive to IUDM members. The application can be found at iudm.org/internship and is due no later than Monday, February 25, 2013.


By: Derek Luttrell