With IUDM only six weeks away, dancers must start stocking up on items to keep them going throughout the marathon. Here are six things to insure you have the best marathon possible:

1. Tennis Balls/Golf Balls

You might question this, but when it’s hour 18, your feet will swell to the point of pain. Ease the pain by bringing a tennis ball, or better yet, a golf ball to massage your feet. Golf balls tend to feel better on your feet since they are smaller.

2. Extra socks/shoes

Your feet will start to sweat profusely as the hours drone on. Bring a set of socks to change into and bring different pairs of comfy shoes. I promise, you’ll instantly feel better when you’re constantly changing your socks and footwear. Flip-flops can be a much-needed break for your feet as well.

3. Water/Power bars

At the marathon, people tend to forget to drink water with all the chaos going on. Water is essential because when you’re standing on your feet for 36 hours, you need to keep your fluids up. Also, be sure to grab some Power bars for an energy boost.

4. Friends to Visit You

Regardless of how long I’ve been standing on my feet, I’ll be forever happy to see some of my best friends come support me. Round up your friends to visit you throughout the marathon and keep your energy up.

5. Motivation

Without motivation, IUDM is a very long journey. You must want to stand on your feet for those 18 or 36 hours. You’re supporting Riley Hospital for Children and remember….

6. Keep the big picture in mind – it’s for the kids!

Dance Marathons are no walk in the park. It’s hard, but remember that there are children who have it much worse. They fight every day through painful surgeries and treatments that may improve their chance of living by a percentage. Riley Hospital for Children gives children the hope and drive to continue fighting. FTK!


By: Caroline Hoven