Board of Managers

David Luebbe


Meet David

Aubrey Hudson

Vice President, Communications

Peyton Allan

Vice President, Finance

Meet Peyton

Henry Curts

Vice President, Internal

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Jack Muntean

Vice President, Membership


Maddie Preusse

Director of Hospital Relations

Luke DeWaal

Director of Marketing

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Kelsey Lowe

Director of Public Relations

Katie Kropp

Director of Special Events


Luke Gast

Director of Accounting

Isaac Peasley

Director of Corporate Relations

Patsy Clare

Director of Fundraising

Grayce Petruzzi

Director of Merchandising and Apparel


Anna Rice

Director of Entertainment

Trevor Sarsfield

Director of Hospitality

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Matthew Moore

Director of Logistics

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Annie Merritt

Director of Morale

Meet Annie

Anna Lubbers

Director of Riley Development


Maddie Melangton

Director of Alumni Relations

Matt Spector

Director of Dancer Relations

Sam Scoll

Director of Marathon Relations

Jesse Sherman

Director of Recruitment

Jacob Holbrook

Director of Stewardship