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Indiana University Dance Marathon

Indiana Memorial Union, Suite 572
Bloomington, IN 47405
Phone: (812) 855-6362

2018 Executive Council Contact Information

Name Position Email Why to Contact
David Luebbe President Regarding matters that do not fall into a category noted below.
Aubrey Hudson Vice President, Communications Regarding all major event coordination and planning.
Peyton Allan Vice President, Finance Regarding corporate matching, invoices, or IUDM finances.
Henry Curts Vice President, Internal Regarding the Marathon, For The Kicks, or the FT5K.
Jack Muntean Vice President, Membership Regarding the IUDM application, interviews, or fundraising accounts.
Luke Gast Accounting Regarding participant fundraising totals or cash or check donations received in the IUDM office.
Maddie Melangton Alumni Relations Regarding reconnecting with IUDM, Alumni Board, the alumni newsletter, or alumni events.
Isaac Peasley Corporate Relations Regarding corporate partnerships, including in-kind donations and benefits packages.
Matt Spector Dancer Relations Regarding dancer group preparedness or dancer involvement.
Anna Rice Entertainment Regarding bands and acts for the Marathon or other IUDM events.
Patsy Clare Fundraising Regarding summaries of fundraising events or canning activities.
Maddie Preusse Hospital Relations Regarding communication with Riley Hospital for Children or information regarding research done at the hospital.
Trevor Sarsfield Hospitality Regarding food and beverage donations or dine and donate events.
Matthew Moore Logistics Regarding, rentals, security, or operations for major IUDM events.
Sam Scoll Marathon Relations Regarding high school or other collegiate dance marathons.
Luke DeWaal Marketing Regarding social media accounts or photos or videos of IUDM events.
Grayce Petruzzi Merchandising and Apparel Regarding apparel and accessories, including apparel reorders or future orders.
Annie Merritt Morale Regarding color wars, stage games, or the linedance.
Kelsey Lowe Public Relations Regarding press and media coverage or IUDM Gives Back.
Jesse Sherman Recruitment Regarding personal or organizational enrollment.
Anna Lubbers Riley Development Regarding Riley family involvement  and events.
Katie Kropp Special Events Regarding IUDM Golf Outing, the IUDM Gala, or other campus events.
Jacob Holbrook Stewardship Regarding donor and member appreciation across organization.