Color Wars is a competition between 8 different color teams that begins in September and lasts until the final hours of IUDM 2014, when the final winner will be announced. Every organization signed up for IUDM 2014 is placed on a color team (seen below).


Color Wars on Social Media

To get involved immediately and be informed about all things happening with Color Wars, be sure to follow the following social media accounts. Following these accounts is the primary means of communication to get the word out when competitions are announced.


  • Instagram: IUDMCW14
  • Twitter: IUDMCW14
  • Facebook (friend the account, and look for the profile picture displayed to the right): Color Wars [/ezcol_4fifth] [ezcol_1fifth_end]ColorWarsSMlogo[/ezcol_1fifth_end]


Weekly Color War Challenges

Every Wednesday, a challenge for Color War points will be posted to the social media accounts that will require immediate action from members of every color team. Clear instructions will be provided regarding what exactly needs to be done to earn your color points. These competitions only require participation within a specific time window.


3 Color War Events

Make sure to mark your calendars for the following 3 dates! On each of these dates, a large-scale competition will be happening in Dunn Meadow requiring participations from as many color teams members as possible. More specific information about these dates will be provided as the dates approach.


  • September 26

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  • October 17

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  • November 7



For any questions you may have, please contact:

[ezcol_1half]Carolyn Di Buono
Color Wars Chair[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]Molly Brunner
Director of Morale[/ezcol_1half_end]