Canning is one of our organization’s largest and most successful ways to raise money and awareness for Riley at the same time! Throughout the year, Dance Marathon members sign up to stand outside of local businesses with their red Riley buckets to ask passerby’s and business goers for donations to Riley Hospital for Children. All participating businesses throughout Bloomington and the state of Indiana are generous enough to allow us to do this, so make sure to thank them when canning for IUDM.

How do I sign up?

The Fundraising committee sets up pre-assigned slots each week for members to sign up for canning.
Committee members: All members of our 19 IUDM committees are given canning slots throughout the Spring semester each year for canning. If you are on a committee, look out for the sign-up sheets each week sent out by your committee’s Fundraising chair!
Dancers: Canning in the fall semester is dedicated to our organization’s dancer groups! If you are a dancer looking to participate in canning opportunities in the fall, look out for the sign-up sheets that are sent out by your Dancer Group Representative or IUDM mentor each week!

What if I want to sign up to can in my hometown over the summer?

Look at the information sheet below titled “IUDM Summer Canning” for a full set of instructions on how to sign up canning in your hometown or wherever you may be this summer! For the last 26 years, IUDM members have set up canning spots all over the United States that have warranted very successful results for IUDM, and no matter where you are this summer, you can make a difference for the children at Riley Hospital for Children through canning!
Please feel free to contact Lexi Ball, Director of Fundraising at with any future questions or concerns you may have.