Have you noticed an unusual number of sweaty selfies on Instagram or artsy photos of running sneakers? Well, if you have that means you’ve seen the #ImForAsh Challenge.

The #ImForAsh Challenge is probably what you’ve been noticing on social media for the last few days. The Challenge launched on June 1 by Casey Crouse and Indiana University Dance Marathon (IUDM). Casey posted a video challenging three people to run/walk/bike/etc at least one mile in Ashley’s honor. If those challenged did not complete the mile within 24 hours they must donate to IUDM.org/ImForAsh.


#ImForAsh is a fundraising and public awareness campaign to honor the life of Ashley Louise Crouse, an IUDM member who passed away in 2005. Casey, Ashley’s brother, has made it his mission to carry on her legacy. The goal of #ImForAsh is to raise $250,000 for Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, IN by the day Casey competes in his second IRONMAN race on October 11, 2015. Last year Casey raised just over $50,000 for Riley.


The #ImForAsh Challenge is just ONE way you can get involved. If you’re interested in joining the #ImForAsh movement please contact public.relations@iudm.org

So, readers of this post, I now challenge YOU to run one mile within 24 hours or donate to IUDM.org/ImForAsh.

-Allison Martino, Indiana University Dance Marathon Director of Public Relations